Total Earnings


Stable Vault Opportunities

Invest on yearn-stable vaults and earn constant rewards.

NameTVLYour DepositsVersion
DAI$28,444,914.34 USD-0.4.3
USDC$4,833,323.76 USD-0.3.0
USDC$23,464,650.54 USD-0.4.3
USDT$0.00 USD-0.3.5
USDT$9,384,885.67 USD-0.4.3
TUSD$7,126.00 USD-0.4.3
LUSD$668,898.15 USD-0.4.3
Curve MIM$1,690.81 USD-0.4.3
Curve GUSD$0.00 USD-0.3.5
Curve LUSD$745.28 USD-0.3.5
DAI$910,703.35 USD-0.3.0 logo

This is an independent tool for the ecosystem.
This app just consumes yearn smart contracts in the YearnSdk, and filter for standard/stable vaults to token holders.

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